Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 1976 Serro Scotty JS715--At Last!

So after about a year, I've finally found my vintage camper!  I just wanted something I could  hook up to the back of my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport and take off when I wanted to--not having to rely on my husband to drive me.  Basically, I was looking for a popup camper that didn't need to be popped up--lightweight for towing, easy to set up, and watertight.  I was having a hard time finding one--this is usual--but I figured when the right one came around at the right price, it would be fate.  And VOILA, there she was!!! 

My husband, Ted, immediately got under her as soon as we got her into the driveway.  As a mechanical engineer, he has to know where everything is and how everything works.  And then, how to fix it all!  She's in pretty good shape--very little water damage--and really solid.  I don't think we have to take her apart and rebuild her.  Of course, we have two entirely different visions of this camper.  This camper's mine and it will look and feel like it's mine when I'm all done with her. 

I'm slowly getting a "feel" for what I'm planning,  I'm putting together a "plan of action" to guide me and keep me on track--Adult ADHD is a terrible thing!  I think listing the things that need to get done/that I want to get done and then prioritizing them will be my starting point.  From there, I will categorize which things are for me to do by myself, for Ted to do, or for me to do with Ted's help.   Then I will start collecting information for each job as to materials, where to get them and what the costs will be for each.  Man, that sounds like so much planning...

I'm hoping to have most of what I want finished by the fall.  We'll see...


  1. Dear Virgo,
    Are you SURE this beautiful little trailer needed a full redo??? Mine looked like Ma and Pa Kettle heading to Beverly Hills and I just added some spit and gum...then again it's still leaking like crazy. My hats off to you!

  2. Congratulations! She's adorable! We just got a 61 Silverside in September and are sloooooowly renovating her! I have some pictures on my blog a few weeks back. (

  3. Was googling 1976 Scotty and found your blog. Was hoping there would be photos of the inside. We have the exact same camper. Love it! Hope you are enjoying it.

    1. Thank you, I've just recently finished rebuilding her and have only gone out once so far. Did you have to rebuild yours? How long have you had it? Does yours have a bathroom/closet? Do you still have water and propane? Would love to see pics!!!

  4. could someone please shew me the inside

  5. Do you have pictures of the suspension to show how it should look. Want to give it to someone with with original suspension, problems.

  6. They have a 1976 Scotty that looks identical on outside to the picture.